On-page SEO Checklist 2017. ¬†Every web page should conform to an On-page SEO Checklist 2017. This is a must have to get your pages ranking at the first page of search engines. If you’re letting it slip to the second page, you’re missing opportunities. People are too busy these days to scroll to the second page and beyond.

on-page SEO checklist 2017

1. Keyword in H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6.

The first item for on-page seo checklist 2017 is your Header tags. The header or H Tags are for your Headers and subheaders in your website or blog content. If you are a coder, you know html code identifying Headers is <H1><H2><H3>, etc. If you are creating content in WordPress, Header 1 <H1> is your Main Header – your most important keyword string for this page. In 3 to 4 words, the Main Header should describe what the page is about. Your best keyword string should be between the <H1> </H1> tags. There is only one <H1> tag or keyword phrase per page. Using only one <H1> heading or Header 1 per page will strengthen your SEO.

Header 1 usually matches your Keyword in Title of Page (see #2 below). Header 2, you can have multiple headers for <H2>. These are your next most important keyword strings. Same for Header 3 <H3> through Header 6 <H6>.

On Page SEO Checklist 2017. Hit-The-Web Marketing.

2. Keyword in Title of page.

The next item for on-page seo checklist 2017 is the Title of the page. The title of your website page should describe what your visitor will find there.

3. Keyword in URL of page.

The third item for your on-page seo checklist 2017 is the keywords you use in the URL of the page. The URL for this page is http://www.hitthewebmarketing.com/blog/on-page-seo-checklist-2017

4. Keyword density 5% or higher.

The third item for your on-page seo checklist 2017 is the keyword density. It is no longer necessary to repeat the main keyword phrase in your article 22 times or more. Two times is enough. One bold and one italic.

Isn’t the same keyword string bad for search engines? Won’t my page get reduced ranking for having the same keyword in my page too many times? Answer is not if you show how the page content fits into your overall website or blog.

5. Keyword in first paragraph

The fifth item for your on-page seo checklist 2017 is the keyword placement in the first paragraph. Somewhere in the beginning of the paragraph is best.

6. Keyword in last sentence of paragraph.

The sixth item for your on-page seo checklist 2017 is to place your keyword or keyword phrase in the last sentence of the paragraph.

7. Bold and Italic Keyword

The seventh item for your on-page seo checklist 2017 is to Bold or Italicize your keyword or keyword phrase will guide the reader through the article for important points.

8. One Internal Link to the Page on Blog

The eighth item for your on-page seo checklist 2017 is to Have at least one internal link to a page on the blog.

9. An Image with an Alt Tag containing Keyword

The ninth item for your on-page seo checklist 2017 is to have at least one image in the article with an Alt tag containing the main Keyword phrase. Every image should have an alt tag description or keyword phrase. Each image should have a name that both describes what the image is and includes your company name.

An added bonus. Remember to add links within your blogs. Link to relevant content both within your website and to external resources. Externally, find the high ranking websites, blogs, wiki – called Authority Sites – to link to for the external sources. You may use those from which you gather your information.

On-page SEO Checklist 2017.

You’ve worked hard to put content together for your website page or blog. So, take some time and make sure the search engines are going to give it notice. If you’re using WordPress for your website or blog, the “WordPress SEO for Yoast” or “WordPress SEO” Plugins are both fabulous for helping keep you in line with on-page SEO checklist 2017. Does your website or blog need help getting found? Contact Hit-the-Web Marketing today for your on-page SEO.

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